Sep 5, 2012

When History Came Alive

 Heritage Park was fantastic. It was like an old-fashioned town, where people strolled around in suits and dresses and frilly umbrellas like it was the most natural thing in the world. (There was also a mini cruise ride and an amusement park for the more modern folks, but even those were decorated in an old-fashioned style.)

There was a one-room schoolhouse too and, oh my goodness, you should have seen me when I entered it. I was so excited I was practically jumping around. I sat in the desks and wrote on the slates and felt the warmth of the old-fashioned stove near the back of the room. Total Little House on the Prairie fangirl moment. The teacher inside probably thought I was strange...oh well.

I even got to take home some horehound candy (the candy that the Ingalls family from Little House on the Prairie made!), some wintergreen candy (the store-bought candy that the Ingalls kids and the Wilder kids only got to eat on Christmas), and a butterscotch stick...which I only got because it sounded historical. The whirly pop was my little sister's, who cares not whether candy is old-fashioned, just as long as it's delicious.

So, yes, my week has been quite a marvellous one, full of historical adventures, the perfect way to jumpstart the new school year.

What about you? How has your week been so far? :)

{Images (c) Hannah G.}


  1. Oh my. Once upon a time I was completely convinced that I should have been a pioneer. Little House on the Prairie is the best!

  2. Wow! That place looks so old-fashioned and prairie-like. I would definitely love to go there! It's like traveling back to the past...or stepping into a Laura Ingalls book.


Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. c: