Sep 7, 2012

The Greatest Stories Never Told

Words are amazing things.
Combined in just the right way,
they are like a time machine,
whisking you off to different times and different places.
Sometimes they are like a photograph,
capturing moments, never to be forgotten again.
They have the power
to lead a nation, to transform people.
They can be anything and everything.
But there are some things that cannot be explained,
things so simple
yet so complex that words,
however vast they are,
cannot define them.
So maybe the best stories
are the ones never told,
the ones that can happen in an instant
or stretch for a lifetime,
or those that can be read in someone’s eyes,
or those shown in something
as simple as a pat on the back.
These stories are the ones worth knowing,
because they are made of something
far greater than words could ever say.

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