May 29, 2014

This is just the beginning.

I wanted to begin this post with something poetic. With a catchy hook and an embellished string of words that would leave you inspired when you finished reading it. That would have been ideal. But after thinking and writing and editing and thinkingandwritingandediting some more, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best if I just straight up said what I need to say, as simply as possible. So here goes.

Footprints on the Moon has come to its end.

I guess it was inevitable. Disappear from your blog for more than six months, and eventually it will lead to a downward spiral of neglect and dust-gathering. But, on a more positive note, wow, it's been an awesome, unforgettable journey here on this blog. I learned and experienced new things and met so many fantastic people. I’m beyond grateful for the love you guys have shown FOTM. I love this blog and everything it has given me, but all things eventually have to come to an end. I think now’s the time to move on.

So I would like to turn the page and begin a new chapter. Gone will be the repetitive “life lessons” and the shallow chatter that filled FOTM. I want to delve into new worlds, explore possibilities that extend beyond the scope of reality. Essentially, I just want to tell stories, whether it’s through words, photos, film, music, or graphite and paint. Think KickthePJ, with a little bit of JacksGap, a little bit of Adam Young, and a lot of Hannah Guinto. :)

In other words, I’ll be leaving FOTM, but I'll be making a new blog in order to take a more creative path. As well, I’ll be leaving Blogger to make a new home at Tumblr and even branch out to Youtube. Pretty exciting stuff! However, for now, I’ll be gone for another month or two (or six lol let’s be honest). I want to take some time to focus on life outside the internet and get everything ready for the new blog. But rest assured I will come back, better than ever.

So here the curtain closes on Footprints on the Moon. Whether you were with me since the beginning, stumbled across this little blog only today, or are somewhere in between, thank you for your patience, encouragement, and support! This isn’t really the end. No, this is just the beginning of something greater. And I can’t wait. :)