Mar 29, 2012

Present Happenings

Salutations, dear readers! I apologize for the lengthy amount of time I've been gone. I really hope that I'll be able to write more during the next month or two. Meanwhile, here are bits of what's been happening in my life lately.

that trips from the western side of the northern hemisphere to the eastern side of the southern hemisphere are extremely long, especially if they are taken via a series of connecting flights. For example, I spent about 26 hours in planes and airports the other day. Yes, I have now arrived in the Philippines! Surprise, surprise.

up exciting thoughts of meeting with friends and family.

math, language, social studies, and French while on vacation. Oh well. C'est la vie.

on the glossy tiles of SM malls, wandering from store to store, taking in the cool aircondition-ed air and the sound of chattering people.

my adorable little cousins' smiles.

the moment when I meet up with friends from my days as Junior Art Director for a local girls' magazine.

the cool North American breeze. The heat here in the Philippines is quite intense!

mixed emotions.

Shakey's pizza and mojos, Jollibee's burgers and hotdogs, and soy taho.


Mar 14, 2012

The Bookshelf

Photo of the Week

  • The stars in the background were a failed attempt at decorating my bookshelf.
  • I love fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction books.
  • A lot of my books are a bit worn out, with bent corners and lines along the spines (hey, that rhymes). The neat freak in me is not amused.
  • Do you also see the Keri Smith book? I'm quite proud that I'm in possession of one.
  • The blurred object in the bottom left corner is a melted glass artwork of a deformed snowman.
  • If you've watched Spongebob: The Movie a few hundred times like I have, you will know that today, March 14, is the day Mr. Krabs is supposed to fry.
  • I'm sorry this post was so pointless. My brain cannot settle down and produce a good blog post!

{Image (c) Hannah G.}

Mar 10, 2012

Mar 9, 2012

Hello, Reader

Here are two announcements concerning this blog:

1. I will be posting photos more often. Specifically, I will be posting an original photo or two every week. This will prevent me from losing the habit of taking pictures and preserving memories, and it will remind me of the little things in life there are to capture with a click.

2. I'm going to be online a lot less (sanguinely) in order to focus more on school, my relationships with my family and friends, ministries, my art, writing, and my relationship with the Lord. I need to spend less time online. Unfortunately, that means I will only be posting once a week. I will try to make sure, though, that what I write will be of good quality. I hope you understand.

Also, before I forget, another reason I won't be able to post much for the upcoming months is because my family has planned something. I can't say too much about it so I'm only going to say that I am terrifically excited for "it" to come. ;)

Meanwhile, here is my first photo of the week. It's of a bridge in Bataan, Philippines. The sky looks so lovely, doesn't it?

I hope you have an awesome day; see you soon!

{Image (c) Hannah Gold}

Mar 5, 2012

Inspirational Pieces I

Bonjour, tout le monde! I'm introducing a new feature on FOTM called "Inspirational Pieces." As the name suggests, each post will have about five or so inspiring pictures, whether they be artistically, musically, spiritually or just generally inspiring. Enjoy & be inspired!

Have a wonderful day!

{Images via Tumblr}

Mar 2, 2012

Hello, March!

Once again, a whole month has gone by and now a new one has come to take its place. Time goes by so quickly, eh? (That was me trying to speak like a Canadian. Anyway...) Don't you wish time would go by a bit slower? I certainly do. I often find myself just drifting through life's happenings and then getting sudden wake-up calls, reminding me that I don't have all the time in the world to do the things I want to do (hello, bucket list). Yup, time is one of the greatest thieves. But amid all this crazy time business, one should always remember that God is control.Things might look a bit strange and probably not what you've planned it to be, but God's got this. He always has and He always will. 

Have a marvelous March!

{Image via We Heart It}