Sep 28, 2012

Oh, September!

fall is here, and pretty soon it'll be christmas again. oh my word, how time flies.
the quote of the month. i often forget how true it is.
chris colfer is actually quite good as an author.
wreck-it ralph is awesome even though i haven't seen it yet.
adam young sings in it so i'm sure it will be. (and because it's disney, of course.)
heyhihello sounds unbelievably like owl city.
two songs by american idol finalists because i'm in an american idol phase.
also because colton dixon is a w e s o m e.
i'm serious. you should check out his new song "never gone."
it talks about how, even through the darkest times, Jesus is always there, that He was never gone.
also, colton's words in the last video below (at around 2:10) make me happy.
anyway, God bless you all, and i hope you have an awesome october!

I Dream in Colour! by heyhihello on Grooveshark
Home by Philip Phillips on Grooveshark

{PS We still have a few days before September ends, I know, I know.}


  1. Nice post, Hannah! :)
    I also love Philip Phillips' "Home"!
    It keeps playing in my head! ;3


  2. It's hilarious! I entitled my newest post the same thing and didn't come across this!
    Great minds think alike ;)

    Would I make you jealous if I told you I watched him perform Home live? It was brilliant! Love that song...

    1. Great minds think alike, indeed. ;) And, yes, I'm a little sad that my city isn't even near any of the tour stops. :( Oh well. I'll just have to make do with listening to their voices on Youtube. Haha!


Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. c: