Apr 25, 2013

Things That Say a Lot (v1 & 2)

I first heard of this idea through Carlotta, then noticed several other bloggers doing the same thing. I didn't really want to participate (mostly because I'm not one to ride the bandwagon :P), but I've gained quite a number of new followers--as well as viewers outside the blogging world--so I thought I'd let you know a little bit more about me. The first part is from here, and the second part is from here.

Things that say a lot:

i. the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress I treat them like I would any other stranger--politely, with a smile. I'd like to start being friendlier and talking to them more, though.

ii. how they feel about the weather I like the weather. Windy days are perfect, sunny skies make me feel like it's finally summer, and rain and snow make me want to stay under the blankets with a hot drink and a good book.

iii. whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books I don't write on my fiction books, but you'll find my non-fiction books (like my Bible and Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris) full of highlights and underlines. I almost always have a bookmark or a piece of scrap paper, so I rarely dog-ear pages.

iv. fingernails I don't wear nail polish because I think it's too much effort for something that I chip and ruin so easily. :P

v. and hands in general My hands are really thin, so they show more lines and wrinkles than everyone else's. You can also see the faint outlines of my veins and bones. My hands aren't exactly lovely and ladylike, but I love them a lot.

vi. their preferred creative outlet I love writing and drawing.

vii. how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone I avoid talking on the phone because a) I believe that facial expressions are necessary when talking, and b) I'm not particularly fond of my voice.

viii. whether or not they drink coffee Coffee is in my blood! Haha!

ix. if they ever forget to eat Always. It's terrible because when my parents leave me with my younger siblings, I don't always feed them. I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing (school work, writing, drawing, reading, etc.) that I don't notice it's lunch/dinner time.

x. how honest they are with themselves (and others) Lying bothers me, so I try to be as honest as I can with myself and with other people.

xi. if they correct your grammar I'm a big grammar freak. I used to correct people all the time, but it annoys them so I only do it in my head now. :P

xii. whether or not they get nervous before haircuts I have my hair cut only when I'm tired of long hair. I will welcome a haircut then.

xiii. what articles are in their purse/bag and what size it is The contents of my bag 95% of the time: a set of coloured pens, some drawing materials (pencils, erasers, etc.), an unlined notebook, a book, my iPod Touch (for taking notes and pictures), a chapstick, hand sanitizer, and my wallet (if there’s space). In the front pockets I may also have little notes and mementos from friends. Most of my bags are middle-sized and kind of like the TARDIS--bigger on the inside smaller on the outside. (Seriously, though, I don’t even know how I manage to fit everything in them.)

xiv. the way they wear their hair (style and length) My hair is probably just black, but I like to call it dark, dark brown. It used to be as long as the middle of my back, but I got so fed up with trying (and failing) to style it like the hairstyles on Pinterest, so I cut it up to my shoulders. It feels really great.

xv. what their handwriting looks like I have the most fickle handwriting ever. My handwriting depends on my mood, the writing utensil, and the surface I’m writing on. People always tell me it's so neat, though.

xvi. how they respond to awkward situations I try not to focus on how awkward the moment is. I just smile/laugh and carry on.

xvii. if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables I'm not the healthiest eater around. If you asked me to choose between pizza and a salad, I'd go for the pizza immediately. I'm a little picky when it comes to vegetables and how they're prepared, but I do love fruits.

xviii. if they enjoy British TV shows British shows are the best shows in the history of ever. Am I right, Whovians & Sherlockians Sherlock’s Holmies?!

xiv. the way they deal with small children Little kids are the cutest. I'll hug them and play with them and draw with them. Although, I have to admit, I get on better with older kids (age 7 to 10).

xx. whether or not they smile at strangers If I'm talking to them, yes. I just like to smile. Smiling's my favourite. ;) If not, it would probably be the opposite. I think a lot, which causes my eyebrows to scrunch closer together and my lips to form something that resembles a frown more than a smile.


I hope I didn't ramble too much. If you'd like to answer these questions yourself, by all means do so at once! :) Leave a link to your blog post or comment your answers below. I'd love to read them!

Apr 19, 2013


little girl,
I saw you staring at the mirror
with a look of scorn.
I saw you studying the other girls
with envy.
I saw the world pulling at you,
pounding into your head
what you are not,
what you should become.
I saw the tearful nights
and I tried to tell you
you were beautiful,
perfect, just the way you are.
but you drowned My voice
with theirs.