Aug 26, 2013

Manifesto (The Grand Re-opening)

“Your blog is your message to the world. Make it a good one.”
- Arriane Serafico

Over the past few months, I’ve realized that I’ve gotten caught up in the shallower aspects of blogging. I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to win over blog readers and worrying about things like sponsors and ad swaps, when I should have put more effort into creating content. I’ve strayed from my original purpose and filled my blog with shallow chatter and “filler” posts. But that is not what I want my message to the world to be. I want my message to count, to be meaningful and worthwhile. So after stepping back from the blogging world to rethink my goals and purpose for Footprints on the Moon, I developed a new manifesto:

Footprints on the Moon is a collection of thoughts and stories, my attempt to document life through art, words, and photography. It stands for preserving life’s little (and big!) moments and making every photograph, every brush stroke, and every word count so as to leave a lasting mark on the world. In every post, I hope to point you towards Christ and remind you, even on terrible days and mundane days, of the beauty and wonder of life. Upon reading this blog, may you be encouraged to live your very best and make your own footprints on the moon.

Simply put, I resolve to blog with the purpose of creating art that captures life, be it in writing, pictures, or any other form. As part of this manifesto, I’ve decided that I will no longer participate in ad swaps, follow-backs, etc. Instead, I will focus on making content that matters and making my message to the world a great one.
So with that, I welcome you to the newly improved Footprints on the Moon. Have a look around and let me know what you think!