Apr 3, 2012

To the bloggers out there,

Judging from my latest posts (which are usually full of pictures instead of words), you can probably tell that I am in the middle of a block. A fat cement block in my mind, mainly driven by my lack of will to just get off my butt and do things, that is keeping me from producing forth art and writing that I can be unfeignedly proud of. But as I was going through my Inspiration page, editing another piece of my little blog for the nth time, and visiting a number of other blogs, I was greatly inspired. I was inspired by all of you. I loved reading about your different thoughts and aspirations. I loved looking through your pretty photos. I loved--and I still do love--your blogs and I want to thank you for creating them and making them unique and your own.

I'm not a hundred percent certain that my artist's and writer's block will end forever because of this, but I know one thing that is sure. It is that you have all sincerely inspired me, and for that I am grateful. Keep up the awesome work and remember,

{Images via We Heart It}

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Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. c: