Dec 6, 2011

Footprints on the Moon

"If you can fly, don't stop at the sky 'cause there's footprints on the moon." - The Yacht Club by Owl City

The ship landed with a thud and all was quiet. A world of breathtaking darkness, beauty, and majesty enveloped the men in the space craft. Slowly, the men walked out into the unknown. They stepped out carefully, eyeing the ground they were on and the atmosphere they were in. They watched as their footprints disturbed the gray moon dust. Then joyful laughter. They did it! They had done the impossible. They had reached the moon, and now they were making their mark so that the world would know what they have achieved.


Okay, I’m not entirely sure that was what happened exactly when the first men landed on the moon. I can’t even remember if it was the Russians or the Americans who landed first, but anyway that little scene I described was just an illustration for the meaning behind my blog. Like the first astronauts, I have reached high ground and I am making my mark. The footprints that the astronauts have made will remain there for as long as there is a moon, and that’s how I want to make my mark. I don’t want to inspire the world for a short time and have them forget about me and the things I’ve done after some time. I want to leave a mark that is lasting.

I'll be blogging about a number of different things so expect the unexpected, and enjoy the ride!

{Image via We Heart It}

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