My Bucket List

Last updated on April 2014
  1. Share the Gospel. {Late 2012 was the first time I ever shared the Gospel. :)}
  2. Visit Paris and take a picture of the Eiffel Tower.
  3. Ride a double decker bus in England.
  4. Swim in Greek waters.
  5. Buy candy from Japan.
  6. See the Colosseum in Italy.
  7. Go to Israel.
  8. Visit one of the Caribbean islands.
  9. Explore Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines.
  10. Visit the Smithsonian. {July 3, 2013}
  11. Visit the Philippine National Museum.
  12. Fangirl over Anne of Green Gables in Prince Edward Island.
  13. Walk down the streets of Poland.
  14. See the "Secret Annexe" in the Netherlands.
  15. Visit the Faber Castell castle in Germany.
  16. Go to Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Universal Studios.
  17. Go to Australia.
  18. Go to Egypt.
  19. Go to New York. {July 1-2, 2013}
  20. Go to a country in South America.
  21. See the Northern Lights.
  22. Write a song.
  23. Eat at Nando's. {Nov. 17, 2012}
  24. Have my art displayed somewhere public (not including online).
  25. Meet an internationally famous actor/actress. {Apr. 25, 2014 - I met Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Tom Felton. #sobbing}
  26. Ride an elephant.
  27. Ride a camel.
  28. Become trilingual. {I just need to become fluent in French! Haha!}
  29. Read the whole Bible.
  30. Write a novel.
  31. Be an extra for a movie / TV show.
  32. Learn how to knit or crochet.
  33. Send a handwritten letter to someone.
  34. Be in a commercial.
  35. Have 1000 blog readers/followers.
  36. Go on a missions trip.
  37. Taste snowflakes. {Nov. 2010}
  38. Be part of the cast / crew of a non-school play.
  39. Ride a hot air balloon.
  40. Go on a cruise.
  41. Make a new friend who isn't Filipino or Caucasian. {Summer 2010}
  42. Have my own family.
  43. See my grandkids.
  44. Talk in random accents around others. {Summer 2011}
  45. Dance in a public place.
  46. Wear a crazy outfit in a public place.
  47. Be part of a flash mob.
  48. Have my own business.
  49. Get my first official paying job.
  50. Get my first "real" job.
  51. Drive.
  52. Vote.
  53. Design a website.
  54. Climb a tall tree.
  55. Swim near a waterfall or jump off a high place (like a bridge or a very short cliff :P) into the water.
  56. Send a message in a bottle.
  57. Write a memoir.
  58. Make a stranger smile. {circa 2006-07}
  59. Write fan fiction.
  60. Do a voice-over for a character.
  61. Volunteer to be a Sunday School teacher. {Various times in 2011-12}
  62. Ice skate on a lake. {Feb. 24, 2013 - Well, not really a lake. More like a river. But, psh, same thing, right? ;)}
  63. Have a booth at a convention/fair.
  64. Appear on TV. {June 2011 - I was featured in a short segment on tweens the first time and, the second time, I was interviewed about homeschooling.}
  65. Appear in a magazine. {June 2010 - I was chosen as the Junior Art Director for Total Girl Philippines with Arielle.}
  66. Go fishing and catch a fish. {circa 2006}
  67. Write and send a fan letter.
  68. Have my writing published in a magazine or newspaper.
  69. Pay a stranger's bill at a restaurant / cafe.
  70. Give up the internet for two weeks. {Jan. 2012}
  71. Make and bind my own book / notebook. {Summer 2012}
  72. Graduate from high school.
  73. Graduate from college.
  74. See a circus show.
  75. Ride a helicopter.
  76. Go whitewater rafting.
  77. Visit at least five states in the US (not including stop-overs). {As of July 12, 2013, I have visited Hawaii, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, and Washington DC.}
  78. Eat Turkish Delight.
  79. See a penguin.
  80. See a porcupine. {Aug. 2011}
  81. See a koala.
  82. See a dolphin and/or whale.
  83. Work for a magazine.
  84. Work in a library.
  85. Work in a bookstore.
  86. Work as a cashier.
  87. Meet a missionary who's been to a place where Christianity is forbidden. {circa 2007-08}
  88. See Adam Young live.
  89. Go skydiving.
  90. Go exploring in Seoul, South Korea.
  91. Participate in the Holi Festival of Colours.
  92. Go to Comic-Con. {Apr. 25, 2014 - I went to Calgary Comic-Con and it was hella rad.}
  93. Have someone tell me that I've made a difference in their life.


  1. This is such a great bucket list! I have some of these on mine too!

  2. Wow, how long did it take you to type that all up? ;) Yours is one of, if not the, best bucket lists I've seen!

    Love, Audrey

  3. lovely bucket list, we have some points in common :)
    my blog


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