Oct 29, 2012

Oh, October!

{song links: Today, The A Team, Center of It}

october, for me, was much better than september. there's just been so many things happening and so many more opportunities to see God's greatness. there were answered prayers, good (and bad) times with friends and new life lessons to learn. i've really been blessed in countless ways. i have everything to be grateful for.
speaking of God's greatness, today is my birthday. i'm still in that phase where turning another year older hasn't fully hit me in the face yet. my birthday has been amazing, though. i played laser tag and had snowball fights with some friends. epic.
also, The Mark of Athena and Shatterproof are awesome.
Captain America makes me want to watch The Avengers again. i love marvel.
i cannot get over how awesome "Today" by Newworldson is. i've played it about a hundred times already.
anyway, october has been marvellous. november, let's hope you are too.

{PS Is it just me or do all my photos look a little low-quality? Is there any way to improve this?}


Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. c: