Aug 13, 2012

How to Have a Memorable Summer

Change your perspective.
Do things you won't normally do (or don't like doing). Anything can be an adventure, if only you saw it that way.

Spend time.
Don't get too focused on being productive this summer and forget about the people around you. Talk to them, walk with them, help them, play with them, get to know them a little better. I thought my summer would be memorable because of all the things I'd get to do but, looking back, the very best memories I have are the ones that I spent with others.

Capture the moments.
Take a thousand pictures. Fill page after page, describing those precious summer days (or nights). Make a scrapbook. Maybe a montage like this one. Get out your pens, paints, tapes, and pictures and journal like crazy (here's some inspiration). These moments might never happen again, so have a little something to remember them by.

And, lastly, live.
Embrace each and every minute of your life. Dance in the rain. Watch old movies. Sing in the shower. Climb a tree. Whistle. Throw a block party. Watch the sun set. Don't live to blog. Just enjoy the moment and live.

{Photo sources: 1, 2, 3, 4}
{PS This post was inspired by Stella, who made the montage and the journal linked above. Her awesome blog is awesome. You should visit it.}
{PPS I updated the contact form. To those who asked questions, I'm so sorry I couldn't reply. Would you mind sending them again if you still want the reply? Thank you!}

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