Jul 2, 2012

O Canada!

Yesterday, July 1, was Canada Day.

My family and I spent the day on a picnic with a couple of friends from church.

And so, like what 99.9% of bloggers do when they experience something exciting and/or memorable, I am going to unleash a photo dump. Of course.
(I was able to borrow my dad's DSLR and his 70-250 mm lens, which is perfect for picnic shots. So yay to that!)

My photos aren't the best in the world, but I hope you enjoy them. :)

Oh, yes, summer has really begun.
(Unless you're in the Philippines, which, in that case, summer has just ended. I'm sorry! But, hey, rain is pretty cool too.)

{Images (c) Hannah G.}


  1. I am practically in love with the "almost faded" effect of the photos! <3

  2. Looks like awesome fun! Great photos

  3. School's suspended here in the Philippines...wait I'm homeschooled! Haha! Also, I like your photograph of the guy drinking soda (or whatever that purple thing is)awesome!

  4. Nice shots! :-D I saw your blog on Heart Strings! :-D Your button is so cute!


Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. c: