Feb 1, 2012

I'm back!

Hello again, dear readers! After two weeks of not going online, scrolling through blogs and social networking sites mindlessly, I survived! During those two weeks, I was able to focus on and do quite a few things.

I discovered a new (well, I guess it isn't really) series, the 39 Clues. It's about Amy and Dan Cahill, orphans who know nothing about their parents or their history. Their grandmother, their only friend and solace, had just died and left them the chance to uncover great clues and shocking secrets that greatly involved them, as well as the whole world. Before I ramble off into making a book review, I have to say that the series is captivating and humorous but, take note, there are also a few mildly negative aspects to it. Needless to say, my mom and brother and I are all engrossed in it (we started listening to the audio versions, haha).

I was also able to work on my planner. Remember this post? I was finally able to finalize and put to action a few of my ideas. Sadly, designing it digitally would be too much of a hassle (printing and binding it might be too much alone for now, not to mention expensive!) but, as I keep reminding myself, an artist is not measured by his or her tools. I'll explain more about how the planner project is going soon in another post. :)

Oh, by the way, have you checked the Inspiration page on this blog? There are a few blogs there that I recommend following. I've also updated it; there are some new additions

Anyway, I liked being off the internet but I'm also glad to be back. Stay tuned for the next entry! Au revoir!

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